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Sales and Pricing

When you purchase a PayThyme payroll system from us, we will supply it pre-installed on IBM hardware appropriate to your needs and with full software support for the first year. Finance options to spread the cost of your payroll investment are available.

  • Entry-level PayThyme systems suitable for payrolls with up to 50 employees can cost less than £1500 inclusive of all hardware and software, with mid-range PayThyme systems suitable for payrolls with up to 2000 employees from under £8000. When comparing these prices with those for other payroll software, remember that our figures are inclusive of hardware, training for payroll personnel, have Premium Payroll Support for the first year, and that PayThyme has no inbuilt limitations on the numbers of employees or on the number of payrolls that can be run.
    Click here for information on what hardware and software a PayThyme system comprises.
  • Our finance options are delivered through SuccessLeasing and allow you to spread your total investment over a two to five year period. Click here for more information.

Deciding to get a PayThyme payroll system

  • Having decided that you are going to purchase a payroll system and are interested enough to include PayThyme among those you are considering, your first step should be to compare the features and functionality essential to your operation with those available as standard from all the payroll products in your list.
  • Do not automatically eliminate a product because a specific feature is not listed - ask the vendor what would be involved in providing that feature and get at least a ballpark figure for doing so.
  • And always remember that the payroll - and any software for that matter - should fit the way you do business. You should not need to change the way you do business because of the limitations of a piece of payroll software.
  • Many vendors offer payroll as part of an 'integrated' solution, linking payroll to other software.
    We believe that the real key to integration is how easy it is to access the data from one solution that is required by another, without compromising the security of confidential information or of the system itself, and this how we have designed PayThyme payroll.
  • Having decided that PayThyme is the payroll product at the top of your list, your next step is to get together with us to specify what you need, and to decide if you want to take up any options over and above the basic PayThyme system...
    Remember, the PayThyme software is the same regardless of the platform, but there are hardware and software options that are not included in our baseline payroll offerings; one option is the payslip folder/sealer and its interface to one of the printers we offer; another is our payroll data migration service; and you may even want us to work with you in developing something unique to your particular business.
  • Once we know exactly what you want, we will give you a detailed quotation. After that, it's in your hands.

Supporting PayThyme Payroll

  • After the first year, assuming that you chose PayThyme and depending on whether you want to carry on with Premium Payroll Support or downgrade to Update Support, your PayThyme payroll software will either be automatically updated to ensure that it continues to meet statutory payroll requirements, or you will be able to login to a secure server to download payroll updates yourself. Click on Support at left for more information on our support options.
  • If you decide not to continue with payroll support, your PayThyme system will continue running, but without any of the updates made available after your support contract ran out, or any other support. You will be able to reinstate payroll support at any time - at our discretion - but the subscription may be backdated to the point at which your original support subscription lapsed, and other surcharges may be applied, depending on work required to update your payroll system.

Any prices given on this page are for information only and are exclusive of VAT.

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