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FileThyme for your EoY Internet filling needs

FileThyme is the EoY Internet filing module of PayThyme. However, FileThyme can be used in standalone mode and as an addition to other payroll software that does not have its own EoY Internet filing capability, and we are making it available to businesses with such a need, including payroll users, payroll developers and payroll bureaux - we can even do your EoY Internet filing for you, if you want. This item includes an FAQ section which will answer most of your questions. For more information about how FileThyme can help you, call us on 0121 313 3855 or email

EoY Internet Filing Deadline . . . time is running out!

Every year, employers have to file end-of-year returns of PAYE tax, National Insurance contributions and other statutory data to the Inland Revenue.  The returns have to be made after the tax year end (5th April), by 19th May, otherwise fines will be imposed.

The Revenue are encouraging employers to make these returns electronically through the Government Gateway – an internet interface which has been introduced to improve communications between citizen and Government.

Penalties for failing to meet the Deadline - You haven't got much time left, so talk to us today!

This year the encouragement to file annual returns via the Internet has turned into compulsion as employers with more than 250 employees must file their returns electronically, or face substantial fines.

Next year the same situation will face employers with more than 50 employees.

Our experience so far is that a lot od data correction is needed before the Revenue will accept your data as valid. We can help you identify what is missing or incorrect, but you have to do the corrections.

There isn't much time between the 19th May deadli ne and now - so talk to us today!

Incentives for small employers

Small employers, those with less than 50 employers, need not file electronically until 2009, but there is a powerful incentive to do so now – a 'bribe' of £250 if they use the Gateway this year, a similar amount next year, reducing every year until compulsion is introduced.  The total incentive is £825 – which could go a long way to funding a computerised payroll in a small company.

The £825 is made up of £250 per annum each for the 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 tax years, £150 for the tax year 2006/2007, £100 for 2007/2008 and £75 for 2008/2009.

So I guess the payroll software industry has this all sewn up, with Internet filing software readily available for employers?

Well . . . yes and no:

The bigger payroll software houses certainly have produced good filing software, but quite naturally it's embedded in their payroll products.  And their payrolls are not suitable for all applications: there are many special requirements for areas like the construction, printing and entertainment industries as well as payroll bureaux, where standard payroll software just doesn't meet their specialist requirements.

In contrast, smaller payroll software specialists may not have the resources to develop the Gateway filing software, especially as the core communications technology is quite different from that of a payroll calculation engine.

Which is why we've produced FileThyme, to help plug these gaps . . .

FileThyme FAQs

What's different?

What is FileThyme ?

  • FileThyme is the internet filing module of PayThyme, the UK's latest and most modern payroll.  It takes end of year data from the payroll, validates it for accuracy, and manages the whole process of submitting the return to the Inland Revenue via the Government Gateway.

What's different about FileThyme ?

  • FileThyme has been born out of extensive experience with the Government Gateway on all sorts of applications: not just payroll.  Whilst FileThyme integrates tightly with PayThyme, it's just as capable of running independently, taking data from other makes of payroll and allowing other people to gain from our Gateway experience.

We are a construction company with a bespoke payroll, integrated with our other business systems.  We need to do internet filing, but payroll suppliers just want to sell us a whole new payroll, which won't do the special things we need. How can FileThyme help us?

  • We're more flexible than other software houses, and we have designed PayThyme and FileThyme to be flexible as well.  We can take data from your existing payroll – we have a simple data interchange file format – read it into PayThyme, and let FileThyme do your end-of-year filing.

Our payroll insists on having a National Insurance number for each employee, if we don't know it we issue a temporary number:  I hear the Revenue have banned temporary numbers now, how does FileThyme handle this ?

  • FileThyme applies strict validation rules to the data you pass to it, the Revenue will not accept temporary NI numbers, so nor will FileThyme.  But as we said before, we designed the system to be flexible, so we can add a custom module specially for your requirements.  Any special needs for your application, like filtering out temporary NI numbers or adjusting tax code formats to meet new Revenue standards, can be accommodated – quickly and efficiently.

How about our data?

What data input can FileThyme accept ?

  • FileThyme will read in end-of-year data from flat ASCII files in a defined format which we supply to you.  And it can read data using the old Inland Revenue magnetic tape format, the new Gateway XML format, and of course from PayThyme itself.

Some of the data in our payroll is suspect, what validation does FileThyme apply?

  • FileThyme runs a comprehensive set of checks against the Revenue's full validation criteria: if the rules are not complied with FileThyme will not proceed with the submission.

How do I know what errors there are ?

  • FileThyme displays its progress on screen, distinguishing between non-critical and critical errors, and keeps logs of every run, which are available for display or print.  As well as showing you problems it has found, FileThyme reports back, faithfully, all log and error messages it receives from the Gateway and the Inland Revenue.

How do I correct the errors ?

  • You can correct them in your payroll, and re-transfer the data into FileThyme.  If this is not practical and if you have read the data into the PayThyme payroll's files, you can use PayThyme's P35 and P14 data screens to correct the data before running FileThyme again.

What sort of submissions can FileThyme make ?

  • FileThyme can make complete submissions (ie P35 and P14's), P14 part submissions, and P35 part submissions.  All combinations have been tested thoroughly against the Inland Revenue's testing service and FileThyme meets the Revenue's requirements.

We have a lot of employees, there will be some very large files. Will transmission times be a problem ?

  • FileThyme produces compressed XML submissions to help in such cases.  For all but the smallest payrolls, we recommend the use of a broadband internet connection for acceptable performance.  In the case of very large numbers of employees, we suggest breaking down your submission into several P14 parts, and one P35 part to cover them all.  This makes the process more manageable, especially in validating and correcting data.  For example, one of our customers has 96,000 P14's to submit, and these are broken down into chunks of 10-20,000 each.

Wow, but what if I only have a very small payroll
  • Size really doesn't matter!  FileThyme is quite happy to submit a return with just one employee.

We've been submitting end-of-year returns happily for years using magnetic tape, but now the Revenue will not accept this. What can we do ?

  • FileThyme can read Inland Revenue magnetic tape format returns, then run its normal validation and submission process.  The validation requirements are now much stricter, so some of your data may need correction - FileThyme will help you identify problem data so that you can correct quickly.

I'm a developer, how can you help me?

We are a payroll software house, but  would prefer not to have to re-invent the wheel with regards to end-of-year filing by internet. Can you help us ?

  • FileThyme is available as a standalone module.  It will accept data from your payroll, in a simple format which we define to you, and will accept commands from your software to carry out the whole submission process.

I hear that you're a Linux software house, but we must run on Windows.

  • FileThyme will run on Windows.  We use multi-platform development tools and are not limited to Linux, even though it's our favourite platform.

OK, but I hear that you license under the GPL, and I'm not sure we're ready for an Open Source license yet.

  • As the software authors, we can license our products as we wish.  If you would like to avoid the GPL, we are happy to negotiate a proprietary license with you.

I run a payroll bureau, what about me?

We are a payroll bureau, with bespoke software written specially to maximise operational efficiency. I don't like the idea of having to slow down end-of-year returns through having to use a mouse and graphical user interface.

  • Firstly, our software uses hot keys to help screen navigation and speed use of the GUI.  Secondly, you can drive it directly through a command line interface which exposes all functionality from initial extraction, through validation and XML generation, to actual submission.  You can embed this transparently in your application.

We've written software to produce the XML files for making the end of year return, now we don't known how to make the submission. What can we do ?

  • FileThyme can read your XML data, validate it, and run its normal submission process.

We'd like to change but ...

We have a small payroll, and we'd like to change from our existing payroll to PayThyme. But we don't want to have to re-enter a whole year's data just to do the end-of-year filing.
  • OK, all you have to do is enter the P14 and P35 data into FileThyme and make your return (you'll find it a lot quicker to use than the Revenue's on-line service).  The added bonus: the data you've entered into FileThyme can be loaded directly into PayThyme ready to start next year's payroll, gaining all PayThyme's benefits of accuracy and value-for-money.

Chorus ...

This all sounds good, but how do I know that you're telling the truth ?
  • Visit us at Bridge House, and we will show you FileThyme in operation.  If you bring a sample of your payroll data with you, in the format which we'll supply beforehand, we may even be able to submit your data for testing, there and then.  Or, if you are serious, we'll ask an existing customer with requirements similar to your own if they'd like to speak to you.

I'm impressed. Show me the contract . . .

  • Sign here.
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