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Empowering the Payroll Administrator

PayThyme payroll is powerful, flexible and easy to use. It has none of the frustrating limitations so often built into software and is designed for scalability, so that as your payroll needs become greater, PayThyme accommodates them, with ease. PayThyme payroll gives you value for money and control over costs without compromising on features and functionality. FileThyme, the end of year filing module (EoY FBI) extends this power and flexibility and helps you make accurate end-of-year returns via the Government Gateway.

Power and Flexibility

PayThyme is designed to a specification, rather than being built down to a price, and we intend it to become the standard by which other payrolls are judged.

An example is the flexibility of payroll adjustments in PayThyme. In essence you can have as many adjustments as you need in your payroll (the actual limit is numbered in millions). Each employee can have as many of these adjustments as you need and each adjustment is highly configurable, by you.

PayThyme includes facilities for importing data (for example from a clocking system), as well as export (such as to a spreadsheet). Modern, open, standards like XML are available for data interchange.

Freedom of Use

When you pay us the compliment of buying our PayThyme payroll software, we do not insult you by imposing frustrating restrictions on your freedom to use it...

  • PayThyme payroll is  a multi-user software package, so you can have as many simultaneous users as you wish. If your business has an input-intensive payroll and needs more administrators to input the data than a company with the same number of employees but more complex work patterns, you may need more workstations, and possibly more powerful hardware, but your PayThyme payroll software support costs will be no higher.

  • There is no restriction on the number of employees you can have in your payroll, and your PayThyme annual payroll support subscription covers you for a full year, regardless of how many new employees you may take on. Only when the subscription is recalculated for the next year are any increases (or decreases) in payroll employee numbers taken into account.

  • You can have as many payrolls as you need in a PayThyme system. You, the user, can create a new payroll at any time you wish. If you run a payroll bureau, or multiple payrolls for a single business, this is very cost-effective, as the number of payrolls run is irrelevant to the support pricing equation.

  • You can make as many copies of your PayThyme system as you need, for backup purposes or for a 'hot spare' payroll system, or maybe for training.
  • We have released PayThyme payroll under the General Public License. This gives you long term security of your investment.


PayThyme will run any size of payroll. It has no inbuilt limits, and offers extreme flexibility of use.

A new business can select PayThyme payroll with confidence, knowing that as the business grows in size and complexity, the payroll will grow with it.

Control over Costs

PayThyme hands back control over your payroll system costs to you.

  • PayThyme payroll does not limit you to a number of employees or number of payrolls. You can have as many as you like and without needing to obtain additional licences or activation keys first.
  • You choose the level of support that you need from us – from Update Support up to our topline Premier Payroll Support package, plus training, configuration and integration.

  • The cost of support for PayThyme is based on the level you require, and the number of employees on your payroll. You pay us at the beginning of the year. If you exceed the number of supported employees, your PayThyme payroll carries on working, there is no restriction. And we continue to provide support, until the next renewal date.

  • If you decide that you do not need payroll support any more, PayThyme carries on running. We do not build in licencing 'time bombs'. All that happens is that you cease to receive updates and other support.

  • PayThyme payroll runs on Linux, the operating system which is becoming the choice of professionals and companies like IBM. If you have used the Internet, then you have used Linux. A version for Windows is also available.
  • ...and if you have ever suffered from 'upgrade blackmail' in the past, you won't anymore, with PayThyme payroll on Linux.

Payroll Value for Money

PayThyme comes as a turnkey payroll solution, complete with payroll software, operating system and office applications (word processing, spreadsheet, etc) installed on quality IBM hardware, with a printer and everything else you need to run your payroll from day one, plus full payroll software support for the first year.

Working with us, you can choose the configuration you need to suit your company, starting at around £1500 for a complete entry-level payroll system - all the hardware and software required to run your payroll -  up to whatever is needed to run the largest of payrolls. We are an IBM Developer Partner, skilled at arriving at the best solution for your needs.

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