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PayThyme UK Payroll FAQs

The following are FAQs we have had regarding PayThyme. If the answer to your query does not appear here or elsewhere on our website, please contact us and we will be pleased to respond.

Can I run more than one payroll ?

Yes, as many as you like. You can create a new payroll at any time, without contacting us and without incurring any extra costs.

How many employees will PayThyme handle ?

As many as you need. Employee numbers are numeric and the maximum permissible number is over 2,000,000,000. Your machine would run out of space before reaching the maximum!

With numeric employee id's, how do I search for employees ?

If you forget an employee number, you can search by Department/Section, NI number, and by name or address fragment.

What payroll types can I have ?

Weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly or calendar monthly.

Why does PayThyme give different answers to my current payroll ?

Q. I've been running the brand leading payroll for our small company, but as it was costing us over £400 in annual maintenance I thought I'd try PayThyme. I like it, but it gave different answers for the Income Tax calculations. I was not impressed.

A. We checked your figures thoroughly, both with our copy of PayThyme and also by hand using both Inland Revenue approved methods from their website. PayThyme is right.

Q. (...some time later). I didn't really believe you, so I checked with our accountants. They went through it all, and said that you were right, PayThyme is correct. Now they're worried about all their other clients using the same, maybe broken, payroll. We had purchased the annual upgrade service for the old payroll, and it looks like their upgrade software dropped a boo-boo, only updating NI and not Tax tables. Sorry for doubting you!

A. Apologies accepted! It just goes to show that you shouldn't take anything for granted. Actually, in our experience a parallel run is often a bad idea because it takes a lot of time and there are almost always differences; and it's usually the new system which is correct.

There is one legitimate source of differences in payroll as well: National Insurance (aka Employment Tax) calculations. There are two approved methods for this: the 'Exact Percentage' method, and the Tables method. The Tables method uses bands, like in the printed NI tables, which are not exact. PayThyme uses the Exact Percentage method. Both are correct, albeit slightly different.

Will my payroll data be secure ?

Yes. As well as normal payroll user passwords, each payroll may be protected individually by its own password.

What payment methods can I use ?

Cheques, cash, BACS or bank lists (eg Autopay).

Will PayThyme cope with my pay elements ?

Yes, you may have as many elements as you like in the build-up to gross. Each element has its own description, which you decide, and may be either a rate or a discrete amount. Each element can be set to be applied before or after tax or NI calculations, and to contribute towards pensionable pay. You decide whether the addition should be cleared down at period end, and whether it is applied during holiday periods.

Fine, but how about deductions ?

Just like additions, you can have as many deductions as you like, and you decide whether they are applied before or after tax and NI calculations. Each deduction could be a fixed amount applied indefinitely, for a fixed number of payments, or against a reducing loan balance.

What about pensions ?

Deductions can be defined as pension contributions, or AVC's. They can be fixed amounts, or defined as a percentage of pensionable, taxable, NI'able or net pay.

So I can do pretty much as I like ?

You're getting the picture!

I've only got a small payroll, isn't this getting a bit complicated ?

We supply PayThyme ready-configured for a basic payroll, complete with the standard pay elements and deductions you'd expect. Then, as your business grows you have the choice to add sophistication. It's your call.

Cool! Before I forget, how about Statutory Pay ?

PayThyme has full facilities for Statutory Sick Pay, Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay and Adoption Pay, as well as Tax Credits and Student Loan deductions.
For example, with SSP all you have to do is enter the dates when employees fall sick, return to work, or are due for renotification. PayThyme performs the calculations, keeps track of linked Periods of Incapacity from Work, maintains a complete record for the DSS inspector, and even tells you when you have to fill in a DSS form, and what to put on it.

Can I re-run my payroll if I find an error ?

Yes, this is one of the great advantages of an in-house payroll. PayThyme allows you to correct mistakes as soon as you find them. You don't have to re-run the whole payroll either, just those employees with corrections.

Can I reprint payslips ?

Yes, you can reprint payslips on an individual, departmental or payroll basis, either current or historic.

Am I covered for changes in legislation ?

Yes. If you buy PayThyme support you will receive updates for all statutory changes as well as the ongoing enhancements which are made to PayThyme.

What about training ?

We can provide full PayThyme training at a reasonable cost, either on-site or at our well-equipped training facilities. If you are new to payroll we can advise you on all aspects of payroll operations as well.

All this sound great. How do I buy PayThyme ?

Contact Jim Welch at Clockwork Software Systems, by calling 0121 313 3855. Or email

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